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Become a Digital Disruptor
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Your ideas may change the world of banking.
Let us help you make it happen.

Featured APIs:


Planning on using account information and transaction history to deliver great user experience and new ways to manage money? The Accounts API will help you build and test your solution.



Would adding a payment initiation service enhance the user experience and functionality of your app? Try our Payment API and see how well it works with your solution.

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What is Alior Bank Developer Portal?

Our Developer Portal is the gateway to open banking brought to you by Alior Bank.

Experience the possibilities of open banking and how easy it is to use our APIs. We are giving you the tools which allow for quick integration with banking services.

Thanks to a secure testing environment you can now verify your concepts directly with a banking partner. Who knows, perhaps one of them will change the banking landscape.

Ideate, code and test.

For whom?

- Which story suits you best? -


Are you a digital disruptor with the next big idea? Sign up, build your application and test it in our secure testing environment. Make us interested in your solution. Perhaps your start-up will become our next partner? If you require additional support, you may join our accelerator program.

  1. Quick access to APIs
  1. Full specs and user friendly tools
  1. Secure testing environment


Are you looking for a trusted partner, who will help you develop your business through easy integration with banking services? Sign up, check the available APIs and see how easy this is. We are continuously developing our API catalogue, so even if you cannot find the services right for you, do not hesitate to get in touch with your offer of cooperation.

  1. Cooperation with a trusted partner
  1. Highest security standards
  1. New business opportunities

Need help developing your solution?
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1. Sign up to our Alior Bank Developer portal to gain access to APIs and sandbox environment

Create and test

2. Use our secure testing environment and test your ideas using the available APIs

Get approved

3. Apply for production access for your application and become our approved partner

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Alior Bank
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Alior Bank Startup Accelerator is a Warsaw based acceleration program with the aim to select, accelerate and implement the best ideas in a real business environment.

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